Diwali 2023 Special Offers

As the festival of lights approaches, it’s time to embrace the radiance and joy that Diwali brings. What better way to celebrate than by treating yourself to a pampering session at Saboohi’s Salon? We’re thrilled to unveil our exclusive Diwali specials that promise to add an extra sparkle to your festivities. Indulge in our carefully crafted beauty packages designed to make you look and feel your absolute best. Let’s dive into the radiant world of Saboohi’s Salon Diwali specials!

  1. Free Haircut with Balayage & Olaplex Treatment ($75 Off)

Revamp your look this Diwali with a free haircut when you indulge in our Balayage & Olaplex Treatment. Experience the magic of perfectly blended hues and nourished locks while enjoying a generous $75 off. Shine bright with a hair transformation that complements the festival’s vibrant spirit.

  1. Party Makeup with Blowout Hairstyle $120 (Regularly $150)

Get ready to dazzle at Diwali parties with our Party Makeup and Blowout Hairstyle combo. At just $120, you’ll be stealing the spotlight without breaking the bank. Unleash your inner diva and make a grand entrance at every celebration with a flawless makeup look and a stunning blowout hairstyle.

  1. OxyGeneo Facial plus Full Arms, Half Legs, Wash and Blow-Dry $199 (Regularly $230)

Indulge in the ultimate pampering experience with our OxyGeneo Facial, tailored to your unique skin needs. Combine it with a full arms and half legs treatment, topped off with a wash and blow-dry for only $199 (originally $230). Rejuvenate your skin and step into Diwali with a radiant and refreshed glow.

  1. Oxygen Facial Head Massage plus Full Legs & Full Arms $145 (Regularly $165)

Relax and unwind with our Oxygen Facial Head Massage paired with a full legs and full arms treatment. This holistic package, priced at $145 (usually $165), promises to uplift your spirits and leave you feeling rejuvenated from head to toe. Embrace the tranquility and radiate positivity this Diwali.

  1. Full Face Laser $100 or $80/treatment for Package of 5 Treatments

Say goodbye to unwanted hair and welcome a smooth, radiant complexion with our Full Face Laser treatment. Avail it for just $100, or go for the package of 5 treatments at a special rate of $80 per session. Flaunt a flawless face and revel in the convenience of long-lasting results.

  1. Face Bleach, Herbal Facial, plus Full Arms & Half Legs $90 (Regularly $110)

For a natural and glowing look, opt for our Face Bleach and Herbal Facial combo. Complete the package with a treatment for full arms and half legs, all for just $90 (originally $110). Embrace the purity of herbal ingredients and step into Diwali with a radiant, refreshed visage.

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