At Saboohi's Salon and Spa, our goal is to create the most welcoming atmosphere for our clients and to provide a wonderful beauty experience.
At Saboohi's Salon and Spa, our goal is to create the most welcoming atmosphere for our clients and to provide a wonderful beauty experience. Salon Schedule Book Your Appointment Now

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At Saboohi’s Salon and Spa our team of professionals love what they do and strive to create a very comfortable environment for our clients. We would love for you to try out our services and the experience a very soothing atmosphere. Our team will help you with the transformation by teaching and educating you with our premium care products. Our amazing team at Saboohi’s will use their years of experience and passion, to bring out the beauty they see in every person. We personalize each individual’s experience at Saboohi’s that is best for their needs.

Our Team Members

  • Saboohi

    Saboohi learnt the art of hair and make up from Deeplix institute in Lahore, Pakistan. Her mentor, Musarrat Misbah taught her the fundamentals and tuned Saboohi’s artistic abilities which allowed her to create beautiful updos and flawless makeup. Saboohi also took aesthetic training and learnt hair dressing techniques from Deeplix as well. Upon completion of her training, Saboohi also worked within the Deeplix institute where she used her skills to doll up beautiful brides . Once she moved to Toronto, Saboohi continued her passion for making people feel and look beautiful by establishing a salon in Mississauga. She began with a one room equipped salon and through her hard work and passion, she is a successful and proud owner of a well-equipped salon in Mississauga. But her growth and passion doesn’t stop there, Saboohi is continuously looking for the next and best treatments, products and services that her clients will enjoy and she is on the continuous road of self-learning. Saboohi, along with her professional team, take classes to learn about what the new products and techniques are being introduced in the world of beauty. Saboohi believes that her job is not only to make people look beautiful,but to make them feel beautiful as well!

  • Anosha
    Salon Manager/Creative Director

    Anosha is the Salon Manager & the Creative Director at Saboohi’s Salon and Spa and also Saboohi’s oldest daughter! From the age of 13, Anosha began showing her creative skills when she began showing interest in henna art. She began by drawing simple henna designs on scrap pieces of paper and within a few months she had picked up her first henna cone and the rest was history! Now Anosha is one of Toronto’s elite henna artists and can complete breathtaking, intricate henna designs within minutes! Her creativity doesn’t end with henna, she is also the lead Bridal make-up artist and hair stylist at Saboohi’s. Anosha is known for her glamorous hair styles , endless creativity in cuts and colour and flawless make up skills. Anosha believes that is important to listen to what her clients are looking for on their wedding day, while also providing feedback and sharing her expertise.

  • Filza
    Creative Team Member

    Filza, is a creative team member at Saboohi’s Salon & Spa . Filza is our hair and skin consultant/specialist. Filza is able to create various, unique looks using different techniques. Many clients appreciate her expertise and enjoy her bubbly personality along with her sense of humour! Filza believes that is important to understand the wants and needs of her clients and tries her best to meet them.